Friday, February 18, 2011

Come ON Spring!

What a gorgeous day! It's become evident to me over the last few days how effected by the weather I am. A stream of windy, cold, rainy days and you're bound to find me moody. But a day like this...ahhh, refreshing.

Even Scooter has been happier. We've been able to get outside, take walks, visit the park again, etc. It's awesome. And of course, it's reminding me that we are getting closer to our May wedding! With only 85 days to go, I'm feeling the pressure. Being innately indecisive, I've been having issues sticking with a choice and not completely flaking out every other minute. So I know we'll both be glad to see (and be) walking down the aisle. No changing colors then! :)

But until then, I'm going to enjoy our little warm spell and look forward to many more.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here Comes the Bride(zilla)

"And breathe...." The phrase that Ruben repeated to me over and over again on the night he proposed has continued to be my motto over the last few weeks. "And breathe." This phrase helps relieve headaches, stress, and, evidently, according to research, hunger. One of the greatest nights of my life, the night Ruben and I got engaged, I was experiencing quite a downer of a headache. Breathing, and a sparkly rock, seemed to really ease the pain though. Since that evening, a myriad of things have taken place in which the phrase "and breathe" has come in handy. Online banking malfunctions, the roses vs. peonies debauchel, and a series of fits like you wouldn't believe. Let's get something straight...I'm not the bride I thought I would be. The one that glows with excitement, hanging on every word of advice that crazy Stewart lady gives. In fact, if I didn't want pictures in a fabulous dress, with my future hubby, to adorn our home, I would say "screw it! Let's go to Vegas." Dead serious. But tradition remains a huge part of who I am. So...we carry on.
I must confess: part of my issue is I'm such a screaming perfectionist (and control freak) that even the smallest details seem life threateningly serious at the moment. I do what everyone tells me not to do. I sweat the small stuff. Yes, I do. I lie awake at night wondering if the white napkins will clash with my ivory dress. Or should we have gotten the "long burning" candles, or will standard be good enough? I mean, really Trish?!?! Thus the phrase "and breathe." And the truth of the matter is...I'm so lucky. I have a fiance that honestly puts me first. He deals with my tantrums in such a patient way, reminding me, ever so gently, that yes, I'm insane. I mean, really, at the end of the day, we could throw some confetti on the table, blow up balloons, and some other really ridiculous things that would make Martha Stewart cringe, and I'd still have married the man of my dreams. Bottom line. Chew on that, Martha. The last few mornings during my devotion, instead of focusing on the many to-dos of my day, according to the crazy timeline in my wedding planner book, I've been focusing on the days after the wedding. I'm going to be someone's wife. Crazy. I'm far more excited about this part than the wedding, but the business of planning has clouded my view a bit. I've been so stressed over decisions that will last 4 hours, literally, that I've missed out on this exciting time of preparation. Preparation for marriage. Being his wife. How sweet is that thought? His wife...
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